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Yolocaza Yolo

Yolocaza comes from a merchant family in charge of Yolo Luxury imports. A line of business that put them into competition with the likes of Lolorito. As you can assume this did not work out well for them.

She Originally turned to adventuring as a way of trying to prop up the business during rough times, but it became clear that she was the only thing actually bringing in the Gil and abandoned the shop entirely. Much to the dismay of her parents. As the only child she was expected to inherit said business.

She takes a pragmatic view towards the rules of society. All laws and traditions are subject to individual merit and evaluation. The art of Black Magic is considered illegal, but she still walks the path because as far as she can tell there is nothing inherently immoral about it if you know what you are doing. No different than the common sense of wielding a blade or bow.

She also possesses an affinity for attuning to soulstones. And actually practices many of her ingame jobs as also in character, with the caveat she only really has access to the skills of her current stone or those she learned before. Skills learned with a stone are externalised into the stone itself

Currently employed as a bartender at the Wishing Well and can be found working there most Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons

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